Psychological counseling and career advice for musicians. Gestalt therapy and Gestalt music therapy are proven and effective means. Don’t worry. It’s not necessary to sing or play perfectly. Music has two essential functions here. Receptive music therapy gets in direct contact with your body’s ego. It can have a particularly relaxing and orderly effect. It gives you support and security to relax and find yourself. Active music therapy allows you to express yourself on easily playable instruments. As a musician with a performance-oriented childhood, I know what suffering awaits young professionals and musical retirees. I am mainly concerned with overcoming creative blocks and obstacles in interpersonal communication. This allows you to recognize your feelings, and the therapist gives you musical feedback. My particular focus is on psychological counseling for people in transitional times. After graduation, students leave their parents’ homes later and later for financial reasons. This delays their maturity towards responsible independence. I want to be available as a companion and guide in this process. In times of transition, i.e., before or after exams or concerts, Gestalt therapy can be beneficial. 

I offer my counseling for students in Germany online as well. Conversations with a professional colleague can form a protective barrier against more severe mental disorders. Of course, I am also available to you if you are not a musician. Now to the therapy procedure Gestalt therapy: The humanistic procedure is considered to be a procedure with the highest efficiency in the USA. (1.12 – 1.42 Brownell 2014) depending on the type of disorder. Nevertheless, even the doctors among us (of which I am not one) are unfortunately not allowed to bill the health insurance company for the service. How can that be? I have 4.5 years of training behind me and am therefore well prepared to accompany complicated processes. The following restrictions apply. I am prohibited from prescribing or recommending any medication of any kind. If you think you have an active mental disorder, please see a psychiatrist first. That doesn’t mean I can’t work with You then. As soon as everything is clarified, you are welcome with me.

Ludwig (Lutz Chr. Pfingsten)